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Mayan Ruins

Enter the world of the Ancient Mayan people and discover how they lived hundreds of years ago. Safely climb their complex structures and temples with the help of highly trained professional guides.

Scattered all throughout the jungle are these traces of ancient Mayan civilization that existed over 3,000 years ago.

Travel back in time and explore ancient Mayan Ruins like LamanaiCaracol, Altun Ha, Cerros, Xunantunich and many more.  

Our Top Five Mayan Ruins to Visit:

1. Caracol

Once home to more than 140,000 people during the peak of ancient Mayan civilization, Caracol covers around 25,000 acres of land with plenty of opportunities for exploration. It’s nestled amid the Chiquibul Forest and is super easy to explore alone. However, it is recommended to have a tour guide for a more informative and in-depth experience.

2. Altun Ha

Altun Ha was excavated in the 1960’s and is quite small compared to other sites. It’s located about an hour away from Belize City and its surrounding natural landscape boasts about 200 species of birds. Explore all the temples and pyramids this site has to offer.

3. Lamanai

The Lamanai Archeological Reserve is one of the largest Mayan sites in Belize. The ancient ceremonial buildings have been wonderfully preserved and are just waiting to be explored. The site is well known for its lagoon as well, where Lamanai, meaning “submerged crocodile” get its name thanks to the creatures that inhabit it.

4. Xunantunich

This site is home to the second largest building in Belize, El Castillo, which is about 130 feet tall. Only accessible by ferry, Xunantunich was believed to be built as far back ad the 7th Century. Atop El Castillo is a breathtaking view of Guatemala as far as the eye can see.

5. Cahal Pech

Cahal Pech Archeological Site is one of the oldest known in the Belize River Valley. It’s a great example of how sophisticated ancient Mayan Civilization truly was. Explore this ancient land and appreciate the beauty of the complex architecture.