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10 Exciting Things to do on the North Side of Caye Caulker

In comparison to Caye Caulker’s more populous village on the south end, the north end of the island is often unfrequented and is typically more isolated. Across the split lies plenty of off-the-beaten-path adventures, natural beauty, and remote relaxation.  

Here’s a list of activities on the north side you should add to your Caye Caulker itinerary:

Visit the Caye Caulker Forest Reserve

The Caye Caulker Forest Reserve is found on the north side of the island, where the littoral forest consists mostly of red, white, and black mangrove as well as buttonwood, gumbo-limbo, ziracote, and more.  

Explore the reserve and discover iguanas, hermit crabs, snakes, and several species of birds like the Rufous-necked Wood-Rail.  

Go Crocodile Spotting

The wetlands of Caye Caulker are home to several reptilian species including the American crocodile. Take a trip with a knowledgeable guide who can show you just where these scaley creatures love to hang out.

This adventure is perfect for nature lovers. Enjoy an exciting and educational tour with beautiful island views.

Swim at El Ben Cabañas Pool 

Enjoy a fun-filled day in our pools. Our two well-sized swimming pools are surrounded by palm trees and are a much-needed reprieve from the tropical heat and perfect for making a splash.  

Our deck has plenty of space for lounging or sunbathing. Sip a tropical beverage or enjoy delectable bar snacks as you relax poolside. 

Go Kayaking or Paddle Boarding 

If you’re looking for more of an adrenaline rush, you can rent a paddle board or kayak to explore the waters and coast on the north side. Experience first-hand the treasures the open ocean has to offer with a personal kayak or paddle board experience.

Venture carefully into the open sea and enjoy floating calmly on the surface. Our resort offers these free for guests to enjoy. 

Eat at the T&T Bar and Grill 

Grab a bite to eat at our on-site restaurant. Choose to enjoy either a delectable island breakfast, casual lunch bites, or memorable group dinners.

Our restaurant boasts stunning pool views and seamlessly transitions from afternoon poolside bites to a lively evening venue with local music and drinks.   

Ride Bicycles

There is much to be explored on this side of the island. A bicycle is undoubtedly the best way to get around. Caye Caulker is all about slowing down and unwinding. Take a break from the hassle of everyday life with a leisurely island bike ride.

Travel all around the island and make new discoveries along the way. You can go with a partner or go solo if you’d like.

Visit the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve

Swim below the surface and find some of the most colorful tropical fish and mazes of pristine coral at this 61 square mile marine reserve. Visit the Coral Gardens- this underwater gem is ideal for beginners thanks to its depth of about 13 feet. It’s packed with the most vibrant coral formations and an abundance of angel fish, parrotfish, and more.

On a night dive, you may even be able to spot octopus, stone crabs, or slipper lobsters.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Evenings are the perfect time to experience the water. Bask in the sun’s golden glory as it meets the horizon as you relax on the dock at El Ben Cabañas.

The sunlight bounces off the surface perfectly and glistens before you.

Go Fishing

Belize is a fisher’s paradise. The crystal-clear waters are not only great for scuba diving and snorkeling, but are the perfect spot to get a good catch.

The Belizean Barrier Reef is home to some of the largest fish in the Caribbean. Be on the lookout for barracuda, marlin, king mackerel, and even tuna.

Book full or half-day fishing trips aboard boats with expert guides and all the fishing gear you’ll ever need.

Stay in a Palm-Thatched Cabaña at El Ben Cabañas

El Ben Cabañas is also located on the sparsely populated north side of Caye Caulker Island, where serenity you can relax and re-energize in one of the most stunning ocean front settings imaginable.

We have twenty-six cabaña-style rooms to offer, all perched along our stunningly manicured grounds. Each of our cabañas features feathery palm-thatched roofs, charming private verandas, and modern amenities, all nestled amidst lush foliage and sandy beaches.

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