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Three Mind Numbing Facts About Belize Post Covid-19 Travel

First and foremost, where is Belize? Many of you had not heard of the little beautiful country of Belize prior to the current pandemic. Word is getting around that not only we have been COVID-19 free for a record month and a half, but that we too are a lovely Caribbean-Central American country, blessed with nature, beaches and much more.

1.COVID-19 Cases 

Belize is a short direct flight of roughly 1.5-2 hours away from the USA (You can almost consider it a distant state as most of us would take a bit more than that to get from the east to west coast) making Belize close to home and with very few COVID-19 patients (at the time of this blog a total of 18, 16 recovered and 2 deaths nationwide.) In contrast to other Caribbean and Central American destinations, we can say Belize should be on top of your new bucket list.

2. Best of Both Worlds

Belize offers a large array of what we like to call organic social distancing activities. What are we talking about? Fishing, Hiking, Birding, Scuba Diving and even private snorkeling trips. Belize is known for customizing your experience for you and your family. We are not about massive tourism and thus why we can be called an organic Social Distancing Destination.

3. “Mother’s Nature Best Kept Secrets”

This used to be our slogan for over 23 years. Most tourists aren’t aware, but Belize is still one of mother nature’s best kept secrets. So well kept that only a few were in on it. With sky-high mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, ancient Maya temples and over 55% of the country being part of protected areas, it is no wonder why Belize is a  favorite among those who have visited.

I urge you to search about Belize a little more and see how this curious place is fit for some of the best adventures you’ve always wanted to do. Find out more here. 

See you soon in Belize my friends!



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